One Bedroom Size Move

The most important part of the moving process is making sure that the removalist is experienced and that they are fully aware of what the job entails, moving a one bedroom home is relatively a quick process and shouldn’t cost much. The cost to move a one bedroom home would start from just $300 that’s a two hour minimum charge on a small 3T truck, this may be enough if you do not have a lot of items, however this could be too small if for example you have some outdoor furniture and things as such, for this reason its best to get an online quote prior to making any booking.

The Cost To Move A One Bedroom Home

Our recommendations are to hire the next size truck up from what you believe is big enough, this again may be not big enough hence why we stress that requesting a quote is the best solution so that we can ascertain the right size. The true cost of the move will also depend on access and the parking arrangements’, reserving parking for the truck is highly recommended and could save you hundreds.

3T Truck & Two Men For Just $325

For as little as $325 you could have two of our men plus the truck for an entire two hours, in most cases and very small moves this is all you will need, so the total of your relocation would just come to $325, to book in a small truck and our removalists today simply head to the booking form and start the process, don’t worry there is options on this for that allow you to select other size trucks, to be honest for an extra $50 you can hire the next size up this will ultimately ensure everything fits in just one load.4

6T Truck & Two Men For Just $350

This is a larger style Pantech that is our most popular as it will take up to a two bedroom size home, however it is what we recommend for a one bedroom, because of the extra larger size and the minimum extra cost it basically will make certain that we fit everything and not have to return for a second load, When traveling long distances we would send this size as you definitely wont want to have to pay for a return travel all the way back and forth because a couple of items didn’t fit for the little extra cost of $50 its important to think of. Give us a quick today on 0487 399 669 and let one of our professional movers estimate your truck size.


One or two Items Delivery
5-10 / M3
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Studio Size
Ideal For Small Studios
10-15 / M3
Two Men + 3T TRUCK
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1 Bed Unit
Great For A 1 Bed Unit
15-20 / M3
Two Men + 4T TRUCK
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Ideal For A 2 Bed Unit
20-25 / M3
Two Men + 6T TRUCK
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2 Bed House
Average 2 Bedroom Home
25-30 / M3
Two Men + 7T TRUCK
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3 Bedroom Family Home
30-35 / M3
Two Men + 8T TRUCK
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4 Bedroom Family Home
35-45 / M3
Two Men + 10T TRUCK
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Large 5 Bed+ Family Homes
50-60/ M3
Two Men + 12T TRUCK
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