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We Move family homes in the Parramatta City Region

removalists parramattaRemovalists Parramatta what else could you ask for? We are affordable, reliable and fast! Quick Move is a removalist in the Parramatta area, dedicated to deliver professional furniture removals services and more. Our customer service team will ensure you get nothing but the best experience. Parramatta is a great place to relocate to, its central to everything  that Sydney offers! Just remember when you need to move call us we can be contacted on the mobile number 1800 784 256, an affordable means of transport for your home and its contents within Parramatta.


Local & Trusted Removalists in Parramatta

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Your first initial contact with us will have you sold. Our experienced and knowledgeable phone staff will be able to help you with any inquiry you may have. Once you are all booked in and ready to go, you will be amazed at how quick and professional our guys actually are. Prior to arrival you will receive a courtesy call to let you know they are on their way. Once they have arrived it is straight in. No mucking around, the boys will have all your items wrapped like a baby with our padded furniture blankets and stacked carefully on the truck. Once we have reached your delivery location you will be happy to know that with no assistance from you guys at all, we will have all your items inside and placed where it is that you want them to go. We will even reinstall your fridge and get your washing machine all hooked up for you and ready to use. Nothing is too hard for us. Parking in Parramatta can be complicated, so in some cases we have to obtain permits from the council, check with Parramatta city council. If it is a High Traffic area you are moving to, you will also need a Traffic control setup this consists of Hi Vis witches hats and signs, we setup the access path so that the public know we are working and caution is required contact us to find out more.

When you Hire our Removalists Parramatta you get Quality Service!

  • Our customer service will impress you with our friendly phone staff
  • Our Parramatta furniture removalist teams are all  experienced and professional furniture removalists. You will be happy knowing your furniture is being handled correctly.
  • Our trucks are equipped with all necessary trolleys and dollies to manoeuvre any type of furniture.
  • Our trucks are  fully equipped with quality furniture blankets protecting your furniture from any scratches or marks.
  • All of our vehicles are clean and tidy allowing no dirty marks, unlike other Parramatta furniture removalist.
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Popular Questions About Removalists Parramatta

Do you supply packing boxes to Parramatta?

Yes moving boxes and more for Parramatta are available. We offer the most affordable Parramatta furniture removalist service in the industry. Moving to or from Parramatta to anywhere you like, specialising in small moves for Parramatta residents. Get a free online quote below or simply just call us direct on 0487 399 669

When does the time start? Is it in Parramatta?

As Removalists Parramatta district we are all about saving you time and money. We do not charge to or from our base like our competitors do. Being that Parramatta is in our Sydney Metro area, time starts when we arrive at your home. The clock stops once we have finished at your final location.

What else can you move? Is it just homes?

We move everything, not just the basic removalists but all kinds of furniture and appliances, homeware, gym equipment and garage items. We will also take your pot plants and garden equipment as well. It would be difficult t find a better removalist service in Parramatta.

Does your trucks have a tailgate lifter?

Yes the 4.5T truck or larger does, we have alot of trucks and not all of them have tail gate lifters. All our trucks have either an automatic lifter or a ramp. If you have an item that requires an automatic lifter simply just request one while you are chatting with our friendly staff and that can easily be arranged. Or if booking online select the 4.5T truck.

Can i ride in the truck to or from Parramatta?

We do not allow customers to ride in our trucks. Unfortunately this is not part of our service and you will need to organise your own transport to and from your destinations.

Are there Items you wont move in Parramatta?

We do not carry any rubbish food waste, liquids, flammable materials, dirty or greasy car parts or liquids. We will not remove loose tiles or bricks or anything of that nature. Check out our prohibited items page for a full list of items we will not freight.

Why should i choose Quick Move?

Firstly because we are straight up about all of our rates and charges. There are no sneaky surprises. All of our prices include GST and we do not add fuel or travel, it is already included in your fixed half hourly rate. We are all about you, and making your relocation stress free. If you are not yet convinced, check out our reviews from our previous customers, you will not be disappointed.