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Studio Move PriceOur services in Shanes Park are hands down the best quality furniture moves that you will experience when moving homes in Shanes Park. Quick Move includes GST as well as fuel levies, something no other company will offer at all! Contact us by giving us a call on 0487 399 669 to get a free quote and to learn more about our services.

If you are thinking of moving into Shanes Park, then you should definitely do so. It is quite a small suburb located in the City of Blacktown with just over 400 residents. This is great for people who appreciate peace and quiet. Shanes Park is great to move for families as many of the homes are large with plenty of backyard space! The median house price for Shanes Park is currently $670k.

Quick Move offers a large range of services such as event service relocations in Shanes Park, last-minute furniture moves, and even internal movess. These services are available to anyone within Sydney! lucky for you we are a cheap and affordable service that everyone can afford! If you would like to know more about Quick Move and the services we provide to you then you can definitely check out our about us page or our customer reviews to see all the fantastic things the people of Sydney I’ve been saying about Quick Move.

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Our hard workers are available for your use for all sorts of services, no matter how hard they may be! Quick Move will always surprise and provide you with a memorable moving experience! with our hard-working men ready for anything! We even offer special services such as internal furniture moves which include sending out our men to relocate your furniture within your own home or on your property, as well as anywhere where we do not need to use the truck to relocate. It is a cheap experience for those who are only needing to move a few items around your home. Quick Move is always here to help!

If you would like to make a booking or get a quote you can easily do both of these actions online through our website using the specific forms suited for each that have been linked! You will be available to make sure that all of the details you have entered are correct. If you would prefer to speak to one of the staff members you are welcome to give us a call on 0487 399 669 between our available hours of 7 am and 7 pm and one of our staff will happily help you!

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Something we know that will blow you away is that Quick Move does not charge extra when moving items downstairs/uplifts! This is something that many other companies do not offer, and have been known to charge $5 for each step! Quick Move finds this extremely ridiculous and believes they are taking advantage of their customers.

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What we are sure you are wondering is what inclusions we have when booking with Quick Move, well for starters we complimentary plastic wrap all mattresses we move for you, we completely cover and protect all items in padded furniture blankets for no extra charge, we bring along all the necessary equipment such as dollies, trolleys, and tools in case there is a need to disassemble/re-assemble any furniture and we even bring along free packing boxes you were able to use on the same day is your move! If you would like to purchase boxes before your move, we offer them for just three dollars a box!

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Quick Move does not discriminate and we will relocate homes of all sizes. Whether it be mansions or one item such as a fridge, Quick Move is always happy to help. In fact, heavy appliance relocations such as fridges and washing machines are one of our most popular services as their items you cannot simply chuck in the back of your car and require professional workers to relocate. Your safest choice is to go with Quick Move! We even move furniture and items from store docks!

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