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IKEA Delivery Service

Not all, but some flat pack furniture delivery really needs to be disassembled prior to us arriving. We have seen too many ikea wardrobes that are poorly put together, nearly falling apart, really flimsy and difficult for the boys to carry especially down flights of stairs that twist and turn and require tricky maneuvering.
Its much easier if the seller disassembles these types of furniture, so that we can get it to you without any damage. The seller may have the instructions and usually its really simple to put back together and just a Phillips head and allen keys are usually the tools required.

We don’t mind disassembling furniture, we are good at it and usually only takes us 20-30 minutes to pull down bunk beds, wardrobes ect. However, there is a surcharge for this and we will include the extra cost in the quote, as long as you tell us it’s required to do so. If not, and we arrive and see the item needs to be pulled apart, we will have no choice but to either re-quote, re-schedule or even refuse to do the job (depending on the size of the item).

IKEA Flat Pack Furniture Installer In Sydney

furniture installation serviceWe are happy to go the extra mile for you, as long as we are informed of this before we arrive to pick up the item. We plan our day based the information given when booking the pick up/delivery. Time is an important factor and we need to ensure every customers pick ups and deliveries are completed within the time frame set. One hiccup caused by  incorrect information given to us can not only affect your day, but everyone else’s too.

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