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Quick Move operates 7 days a week, during Monday to Friday our communication hours are 7am – 7pm. This means at any time between 7am to 7pm you may contact us. On weekends you may contact us from 8am to 5pm.

For more information call our info line on 1800 QUICK MOVE, That’s 1800 784 256 or to speak with a staff member right now call 0487 399 669 Though our contact hours are 7am to 7pm we like to pickup between 7am – 4pm and have everyone’s deliveries done by 6pm. We do not make any appointments unless you make an advance booking with at least 14 days notice otherwise you’re job is simply placed on an available day and done at the earliest convenience, But don’t worry we still give you 30-45 minutes notice prior to arriving.

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